Homeschooling 9th Gr/2011

I can't believe that I need to update this page already! But, with a new calendar year comes a new school year. To get an in-depth view of our high school plan for our daughter please take a look at this post: Starting a New Homeschooling Year, Unconventional Version.

Now, for those of you that want to read and run, scan on down! (said in my best Price is Right voice, by the way)

You will notice that her studies are very heavy in the arts. We decided as parents to give our daughter a solid foundation via classical homeschooling in her education in the elementary years. While we still believe in providing that strong academic focus in high school we also begin to allow our children to follow their natural talents and interests. Our youngest daughter is definitely wired for the arts! Art, music, writing, dance... They are what she lives for, and we are all too happy to provide the opportunity.

Our daughter wants to major or minor in Museum Studies with the ultimate goal of working in either an art or history museum, so she has made specific subject choices based on the recommended classes for one interested in this particular field. Like I noted in the post linked above, our daughter is an over achiever. Yes, this is a lot. However, as long as it isn't causing her stress and she is enjoying it our opinion is that we will support her in any area she would like to study. Our choices won't look like the family down the road, or across the country. It is uniquely the kid's. And I love the freedom that we have to make it her own.

God has a purpose for her talents. We just need to follow and pray.

Below is a list of our main curricula. I plan on adding reviews for each, but please don't hesitate to email me or leave a comment if you would like to discuss any of them prior to my posting them!

Grade: 9
Year: Jan to Dec 2011 
(Remember, we homeschool year-round and Jan to Dec. See the linked post for more details!)

Bible: Old Testament, Genesis to Ruth
Heart of Wisdom Year One Bible

Ancient History
A combination of Diana Waring's Ancient Civilization & The Bible and Heart of Wisdom's Year One unit studies

Introduction to Composition and Literary Analysis
Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings

Novel Writing (an independent study course)
Learn to Write the Novel Way

Italian I
Tell Me More software

Music Appreciation
Discovering Music

Algebra I
Life of Fred

Bowling (1 semester)
BYU free online program

Physical Science (started 8/10 and to be finished by 3/10)
Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Apologia with additional projects

Classical Astronomy (approximately 3/10 to 12/10)
Signs & Seasons: Understanding the Elements of Classical Astronomy

Studio Art
Various local Art Classes including Ceramics and Painting

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Melissa said...

Ha ha...I should have looked at this page first before commenting on your THMJ post! We have several subjects in common...Ancient Civilzations & the Bible, Learn to Write the Novel Way and Apologia's Physical Science! Of course we have more of the traditional school year schedule and are half way through her 9th grade year at this point. My daughter wants to be a our plan is to focus more on her writing skills.

Looking forward to reading more of your blog!