Stephanie Who?

Once upon a time, a girl met a boy.

Nope, not that kind of story! Well, maybe...
I'm Stephanie, homeschool mom since 2000, inconsistent blogger shortly after that. I'm married to Marc, the love of my life (and the most challenging sparring partner ever!) We started our marriage as complete opposites but as the years pass we have realized just how much alike we are becoming. We love attending our church and sitting in on Bible study with our pastor. I'm thankful that we now do these things together!

Our homeschooling journey began in a less-than-typical way. Why start with K when you can jump straight into high school? And, it was fun. Our first year as homeschoolers we had a gifted 3.5 year old beginning kindergarten, a 9th grader, and an 11th grader. We taught phonics, astronomy, and Shakespeare. We lived in an apartment and read Julius Caesar in the bathroom just to have some privacy. And, it was still fun. We had a lot of interesting adventures and moments of adversity to educate through, and we did it as a family.

Today, that 3.5 year old daughter is in high school and those high schoolers are out on their own - with kids! Our youngest studies dance up to four days a week depending on the schedule. She's found a new love of ceramics and is beginning a class for drawing and painting. She, like her sisters, loves studying Shakespeare (though now we're in a house so we can read it in places other than the bathroom!) We're very eclectic with a classical/Charlotte Mason twist to our approach so we're always evaluating, adjusting, and adapting.

We live in a multi-generational household with four dogs and two guinea pigs. There's always something going on!

I'm a wealth of useless trivia. I love collecting old books (even if I don't have room for that anymore.) I'm addicted to reading old mystery stories. My current favorite is The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart and was published in 1908. And, I love food (which is apparent by my waistline.) Baked goods, ethnic foods, soups and stews. Ah... yumminess.

(And yes, those are homemade dairy-free cheeze crackers in that homemade tomato soup. Thanks for noticing!)

I love being crafty! Give me an hour in a yarn shop, and I'll turn it into three. I'm just that kind of magician. Marilyn Monroe may have said that diamonds are a girls best friend, but I disagree. A locally spun bulky weight wool blend yarn is more likely to be my best friend! I'm hopelessly addicted to my grandmother's old crochet patterns and others of the antique and vintage sort which has led me to open my Etsy shop, WildCrickets.

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