Monday, March 14, 2011

Oy! It's been a month....

I can't believe that it's been a month since I've updated the blog! It's getting creaky... and dusty... and hopefully I haven't lost you in the shuffle.

This month has been a blur of activity and ailments.

Some highlights for ya...

~ My back = achy. Ok, so my back isn't what has me out of joint. It's really my hip that is at the core of the problem but you know how body parts are. Once one starts acting up it's contagious and the others have to start just to get a little attention thrown their way. I'm starting to feel better, but I was positively grumpy for a while. I'm really trying to "choose joy" this year (stolen unapologetically from an online friend lol) and it's hard to do that when you aren't sleeping and are achy. So, I tended to keep my head down low.

~ We have had some sad news about some friends. Actually, several friends. And family. All is good because God is good (all the time!) Weeping lasts for a time because joy comes in the morning, right? Our Lord is in control and will use all things for good. It just takes us a while to get out of our human slump and remember that upon occasion.

~ I started back to school last week! I'll write up a nifty post for you all about my new adventures digging up dead people... uh I mean studying genealogy. :)  I'm on my way towards my goal of becoming a certified genealogist. <raising my glass of ice water> Here's to new adventures!

~ Our plans for homeschooling changed. Again. I'd laugh, but if I laughed every time we made a change people would think that I'm crazy. I'd cry, but where's the fun in that? I was graciously reminded by an unnamed member of my household that my plan didn't include CLEP exams even if it said that it included CLEP exams. So, on a whim I gave the kid a few practice tests. Um. Well. You see... she scored an 80% on the US History I practice exam. So, we're ditching the plan and picking up a new one for this year. Learn to go with the flow is my new motto. (My other one - hold on for dear life and scream - didn't seem to instill a lot of confidence for some reason!) I've been researching and reading any moment I could, and not everything fit on the plate. My beloved little bloggy fell off and landed near the dog bowl (which is now filled with a new food since our dog is now on an ELIMINATION DIET. Who knew a dog needed such a different diet. Again, another story. lol) I've been collecting a lot of titles and links so expect these to start rolling out in the next week or so.

All this to say that I'm back. And happy about it. :)


Stacie said...

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!!

ღ soraya ღ said...

Nice post...thanks for sharing..blessing these holidays from our home to yours...soraya