Friday, February 11, 2011

Photography projects: Ideas and Inspiration for old photos

A family wedding (c 1920)

I only touched on my love for genealogy in yesterday's homeschooling post. I truly have been bitten by the bug again. I can't believe that I let it slip away from me for so many years! With my renewed interest came a renewed determination to do it correctly, accurately, and fully. It's no longer based simply on an interest, but a need to record the life story of the people that we have lost as well as to discover the stories of those forgotten. I don't want my uncle and grandparents to become forgotten along the way.

I'm a visual person. (I'm also a wordy person, but that's another story!) When I think of creating a lasting memory the path at some point will lead me to photography. I was blessed to have photos of my father in law's family when he was a little boy - and even before he existed! - as well as photographs from my grandmother's family for several generations.

My mind is racing... what can I do with these photos to give them the attention that they deserve?

Frames... everyone does frames. (And who has the wall space for all of that?)

Scrapbooks.... maybe, but then I'm still faced with the same problem that I had in the first place. No one would be able to look at them unless they knew where to find them.

I'm still undecided, but I have a few spots of inspiration. I'd love ideas. If you've used old photos in a creative way please share your stories!

Stay tuned to see how I decide to incorporate these pieces of family history into the art that I see hidden behind the curtains. But until then, maybe you'll get some inspiration for your own family photographs from the links below.

*Disclaimer: I am fully aware that original photos should be preserved and maintained in a way that future generations can see them, love them, cherish them. I'll be using copies. I'm creative... not MAD!

Project ideas:

A wall clock. This could definitely be a possibility! Talk about a centerpiece for a room!

Quite a long list of ideas, but I think that I love the idea of holiday cards. I'm thinking note cards would be wonderful...

A photo quilt square! I love this idea! It might be a long-term project, but it would incorporate a few of my favorite things. (And now I'm singing with Julie Andrews...)

Photo magnets (though I can think of an additional way to use these using some recycled jars.)

And, last but not least, Martha. I said then name, and you knew, didn't you? I have to say that I'm not always a fan of the Miss M., but she does have some amazing ideas for photos! (My problem isn't with her specifically, but I would love to see her with a rats nest in her hair and a spill on her shirt every now and again just to make her seem human. he he...)

So tell me, how are you using your photos (and can I steal your ideas?)

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