Thursday, February 3, 2011

Review: Titanic Unit Study by Joshua Noble

Every homeschool mother's dream is to instill the love of learning in their child. We try to lead them, encourage them, inspire them... and sometimes it takes.

What do you get when you have a homeschooler that has a passion for history, specifically the Titanic, and parents that encourage that passion?  You get a UNIT STUDY!

Joshua Noble is that homeschooler, and he has created a fantastic unit study on The Titanic. Perfect for any homeschool, this unit study - all 109 pages of it - gives a wonderful overview of the history, design, and events surrounding that fateful journey and so much more. I had the pleasure of reviewing his unit study, and all I can say is wow.

The first thing that impressed me was his approach to the subject. I am completely taken with the level of respect that he gives to the lives that were lost. The story of the Titanic isn't some fictionalized Hollywood blockbuster. It was a real event that affected men, women, and children. It made heroes, and frightened cowards. It affected families. By way of an introduction and a respectful tone Mr. Noble sets the stage so that our children can realized that, much like the events of 9/11, the events and lives aboard the Titanic are to be given respect and honor. I am so glad to see this being taught as a foundational truth of the study. (But don't worry that it carries a heavy tone throughout... your kids will enjoy this study!)

Let me say that the resource guide is amazing. Mr. Noble gives such a complete list that any homeschool mom (or dad) will be able to easily locate enough resources to complete this unit study regardless of library stacks or book budgets. We've all been there... great unit study... four obscure titles... not in the library catalog... and each more money than you spent on dinner last night for a family of four. You won't run into that problem with this unit study. Because of it's depth and breadth you'll be able to easily locate acceptable resources for your children no matter the level. (And, he's included free videos on the Internet as well!) Have a visual learner? He has video suggestions!

This unit study is written in a "buffet" style. Walk up to the loaded table and take your choice of subjects. The content is the deepest that I've seen, but don't let that scare you off if you have younger students. You are able to pick and choose going as deep into one area as you would like. I could see this unit being used over a few weeks with one family just as easily as a full year by another. It is that flexible. The activities are geared toward both younger and older students, and with few exceptions could be easily adjusted to work with a variety of age ranges. You'll find art, design, math, and composition assignments as some of your selections. I especially like the final project suggestions that are included as well. It truly gives those who desire suggestions and form the walls that they need while giving a wide area to dance to those who want the freedom to make it their own. He's found a good balance. Each section makes it clear that Joshua Noble has invested time and passion in this subject, and your children can benefit from it!

Last to mention, but certainly not least in importance, are the field trip suggestions! And... there are virtual field trips listed as well! I'm a sucker for a good virtual field trip, and having a very visual learner makes me prone to swooning over good links. Yep. I said swoon.

Though we're currently studying Ancient History, I am so tempted to toss this at the kid. She loves it! I look forward to using it with her as part of her American History studies in the future. I haven't yet decided how much time we will spend on it, but I can say that I, personally, couldn't see my child being happy with anything less than a month. It's that good, and her being a mini-Titanic obsessed fan I think she'll want to learn from each section in the unit study. The background that she would learn would be perfect to pair with her next long-term creative writing project. Talk about great research for a project. Oh no... now my wheels are turning...

Take a journey through Joshua Noble's blog, The Titanic Gazette.

Read about The Titanic Unit Study.

Look at a sample. And pick it up for your crew at the most reasonable price of $25.

*Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this unit study for review with no stipulation that I give a review on my blog. I was not compensated in any way for this review. I am giving it because I am so very impressed with it, and I love to share great products!

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