Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Beginning of the 2011 Family Birthdays...

Happy Birthday to my very sweet husband. I am more in love with this man today than I was when we married, and I have every intention of being more in love with him ten years from now! We've had our good times and bad, our sickness and health, and we've committed to seeing the future together. He's a strong leader of our family. He shows us daily that he may make mistakes but he truly wants to learn from them. Being the husband and the father that God dreams for us is hard work, and I appreciate everything he is doing to learn to be that man. He's funny and frustrating. He's focused and distracted. He's a walking contradiction. And he's MY walking contradiction. I am thankful for him and would be lost without him.

Happy birthday, honey. I love you!


Anonymous said...


Have a husband is truly a blessing that no wife should take for granted. It's obvious from your words that you don't. :)

Hope your husband enjoys his special day.

-Lady Rose

Steph @ Wild Crickets said...

You are so right, Lady Rose! Unfortunately I took him for granted far too often earlier in our marriage. Not again. :)