Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook: January 4

FOR TODAY, January 4, 2011

Outside my window... it is sunny and bright! This is fantastic weather for January in Ohio. Usually I'm droning on and on about the gray skies by now!

I am thinking... about the long to-do list that I have in front of me!

I am thankful for... my wonderful church family. Our Women's Ministry has started reading the One Year Bible together. It's been a great way to hear how God's Word has touched the lives of these wonderful ladies, as well as an opportunity to get to know some that I haven't met before!

From the learning rooms... I'm currently trying to choose a psychology or sociology course for our daughter as well as plan her year (all of her high school actually.) She's been interested in it for a while, and after seeing her research various topics on her own I just can't ignore the interest any longer!

From the kitchen... I haven't planned our our meals for the week (I'm behind!) but I do know that we're having leftover Red Beans and Barley for lunch!

I am wearing...  jeans, a pink cotton long sleeved t-shirt, and my new favorite sweater (a gray knitted hoodie from my dad and stepmom at Christmas.)

I am creating... a shopping list, a coupon list, a list of punishment for my daughter if she doesn't stop arguing. (Ok, so the last one isn't real. Though it could be if she doesn't change her current attitude. lol)

I am going... to the vet. In 15 minutes. With a dog that is scared of the vet. Pray for me! ;)

I am reading...several things: The One Year Bible, The Miracle of Mercy Land, and my text book for the Family Herbalist course through Vintage Remedies.

I am hoping...that I can steal a few quiet moments to get working on my to-do list. It's proving hard today because of all of the conversations and needs in my house! :)

I am hearing... my mother and my daughter talk.

Around the house...Today is the day to remove all of our Christmas items! We were late decorating so we're late taking them down.

One of my favorite things...my clean bedroom. Our room became the catch-all place so it became a bit out of hand. I spent several days organizing and decluttering before we had friends arrive for Christmas. What a great feeling it is to have a simplified version of what was once here. Less clutter, less mess, and more space to relax in.

A few plans for the rest of the week...I'm heading off in just a few minutes to our first meeting for a new Bible study at church. We'll be using Living Your Life as a Beautiful Offering: A Bible Study Based on the Sermon on the Mount. I'm so excited! Grocery shopping and bread baking will follow shortly after.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

Our Sophie girl has had a twizzler on each Christmas of her life. It is one of her greatest pleasures of life (even if the smell of licorice makes me ill!) We decided to buck the system and give it to her. The pleasure she got outweighed the consequences of her illnesses. I think that we had as much fun watching her as she had eating it. (Disclaimer: Yes, I know that it isn't a dog treat. Yes, I know it isn't healthy. But she loves it and it will most likely be her last Christmas so we're so glad that we gave it to her!) Our girl is smiling, even if people say that dogs can't. :)

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Heidi... said...

I love that you give your dog twizzlers for Christmas... what a great tradition and she looks like she loves them!

Julie said...

Loved reading your daybook today :)
Such a cute doggie!

Lisa notes... said...

How great that your Women’s Ministry is reading the Bible together. I wish my church would do that.

I know where you’re coming from with planning out high school curriculum. It’s good that you’re going with your daughter's interests. Hope your trip to the vet went better than expected. :-) I took down all my decorations yesterday. Whew! I haven’t put the old stuff back out yet, so right now there’s lots of empty spaces. Ah. I can breathe. :-) Love the picture of Sophie. Thanks for sharing your daybook.

KarenW said...

Our room seems to be the catch all too. I plan on tackling that soon!