Monday, January 17, 2011

Calling in Sick... a menu plan of leftovers and easy meals

I had such great plans for January! I was going to keep to my handy dandy blogging schedule. Today's post was going to be about tackling my craft area and taming it a bit. And then illness hit. The kid has been ill with the flu since yesterday. I finally lost my battle with a cold. Only the husband and my mom are left standing (and early reports suggest that she might be the next to fall.) In an effort to remain somewhat on schedule I'm posting about the salvation of all sick moms... Leftovers and easy foods! Granted, it will change if more of us fall as hard as the kid did, but as long as we can handle the possible spice at the end of the week we're good! (And don't worry... I'll photo and post about the mess in the scary place craft area very soon!)

My meal plan for the week looks vaguely like this...

Monday: Leftover chicken noodle soup (made by my mom!) from the fridge

Tuesday: Leftover split pea soup (made w/o ham and with veggie broth) from the freezer with biscuits

Wednesday: Mac and Cheese w/ broccoli (from my score at Walgreen's yesterday!)

Thursday: Crock Pot Chili over rice (Silly easy. And everyone loves it.)

Friday: Take out - PIZZA! We've limited our ordering to zero this month because of budgeting, but I have a feeling that it will be a welcomed splurge if we are up to eating it. In organizing my coupons this weekend I found that we get a LOT of pizza coupons in the mail. A lot. Like 12 in the last week. Crazy.

What does your menu look like this week? Share your menu or peek at others for ideas at Menu Plan Monday at


Scrumptious said...

Sorry to hear about all the illness in your family! I hope you all have speedy recoveries.

Your menu sounds great this week. Hurray for leftovers! I love split pea soup - total comfort food, as is mac and cheese and of course having pizza delivered... Just what you need right now while everyone is so under the weather.

Have a great week of healing!

Steph @ Wild Crickets said...

Thanks, Scrumptious! I know that I should have something healthier than delivery, but wow will it make life easier. lol One of these days I'll have a big old batch cook and make some more soup for the freezer!