Friday, December 3, 2010

Fall Into Reading Challenge update #1

Ah, reading... another love of mine. I promised an update to keep me honest and then I went and fell off of the update wagon! Whoops!

You can check out my Fall Into Reading Challenge 2010 page HERE.

Update on goals:

"1. Read a minimum of 30 minutes per day."
Well... Not really. I have been reading every day but I haven't had made the time to read every single day like I wanted. I'm getting better. I am reading, just not list items. News and blogs count, right? ;)

"2. Read my craft books."
Ahh... something that I HAVE done! :) I love reading my craft books. I did lose a few from my library reserve list when I was out of town and failed to pick them up. Here's hoping that I will be able to get them again!

"3. Review as many books as I can."
So far I have two reviews posted, HERE and HERE, and another is coming!

"4. Give a recap on Fridays to keep me honest!"
Again... well... Does this week count? :)

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