Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday Homeschooling...

I've been struggling with this section of my bloggy to-do calendar. There are so many versions and views on homeschooling. Do I share reviews? Do I share what our version of a "day in the life of a homeschooler? Do I wax on (wax off?) about my educational views or choices? My goal is to share ME in my blog... homeschooling, crafty, Etsy-selling, book-reading little ol' me. So, we'll see where it takes us.

Today, we'll go with a "Day in the Life" sharing our Thursday routine.

Thursday is ART DAY! I love Thursday, but not for the reasons that most would assume. Thursday our daughter spends the entire day in art classes at our local community center. No, I don't love it because I get a day at home alone. (It is fun, but honestly at this age it doesn't mean the same to me as it would have when she was a toddler or preschooler.) I love it because she spends 5.5 hours with a talented artist who cares about passing her knowledge and talent on to others. As much as I love art, this talented woman is able to give our daughter something that I can't. She teaches her with passion about drawing and painting as well as ceramics, hand-building and pottery using a potter's wheel. I love that she comes home covered in left over colors and clay. I love that she has the opportunity to expand and grow in her art. I get so excited just walking in the building because I know that I'll get to see not only what my daughter created but what other women in her class - young and old - created as well. Her classes are multi-generational rather than defined by age or ability. I love that art can do that! Art has this magical way of breaking down age and economic barriers. Everyone should have an exposure to art. It doesn't have to be dry and dull. It can be colorful and messy. In fact, most of my art through my life has been colorful and messy in one way or another!

Homeschooling doesn't have to occur at home (and some years it feels like most occurs outside the home between field trips and homeschool groups!) We aren't all crazy people who lock our children in cages as it happens on Law & Order, and we don't all use workbooks with timers like you would think - though we have done that when the need was there! Homeschooling is like life.... there are different versions for different people. Homeschoolers are a dedicated lot. We find the opportunities that our children need and use them in ways that fit our live. And on Thursdays, our learning happens in a Community Center.

Here is just a peek at a few pieces my kid, age 13, completed in her very first session of ceramics this school year. I'm quite please with them, and best yet is the fact that she is pleased with herself! (I'd add more but I'm a slacker mom who doesn't have more photos yet to share! Ah... honesty...)

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