Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Bliss, December 3: Crafts!

I adore holiday crafts! They are just plain fun!

Fridays are babysitting days around my house. I get to spend some time with the daughters of a fellow homeschooler, and we have a good time. Today my mother decided that it was a great day for crafts and made a run to Michael's. (I really should work there part time because I spend way too much time money there!) They came back with the cutest little crafts. We're not talking museum quality art here, but a "good time had by all" kind of foam and plastic bead crafts. Stretch necklaces were flowing and foam snowmen refused to melt. I might have even gotten a little glitter glue crazy, but don't tell the kids. They think we ran out. (It's all mine!!!)

It's the little things in life, and today that meant craft time.

Today's favorite Christmas carol is Three Ships Sailing. There are so many great versions of this song (Sting and Nat King Cole both come to mind) but I have to say that my favorite version is a Celtic one. :) This comes from Orla Fallon's Celtic Christmas. Enjoy!


Life Adapted said...

Hi, I came across your blog by searching for folks who do geocaching. I am planning on buying a GPS for our family to get started on geocaching. Any advice?? I enjoyed reading through your blog.

Be blessed!
Life Adapted

Debra Elramey said...

Love your site Stephanie. Looks like you are in the holiday mood for sure!
So glad I visited you today, and I welcome you to do the same.