Monday, November 8, 2010

Another great pre-holiday contest... Win Your Wishlist From Knit Picks!

I'm a yarn junkie. One can never have too many crochet hooks or knitting needles. Tool? Yep. Only mine are things like stitch markers and scissors. If you are like me in any of these things (or would like to start a new obsession hobby) check out the Win Your Wishlist contest from Knit Picks!

My wishlist picks...

Soft Touch Crochet Hook Gift Set

I love these! Actually, I love the idea behind these hooks. I'm assuming I'll love them. I want to try them!

Try It Needle Set

I've been wanting to try these for a very long time, only every time I have the cash to spend on interchangeable needles I can't decide which set I want! Now they have the most amazing sampler set so that I can try all of them before investing in a large set. Yep. I think these are going on my list for the husband. ;)

Tree Fort (Stroll Handpainted Sock Yarn)

Ah.. Stroll... How I love you. I have a personal project that I've been working on for a while in Stroll. It's glorious to work with. I think it's my favorite. Eventually I'll use it for socks! (Maybe...)

Now, I just have to win. (Details... details...)


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