Monday, November 1, 2010

Gratitude Challenge Day 1

It's the start of the 2010 Gratitude Challenge!

I was so excited about this challenge that I actually fell asleep thinking about all of the wonderful blessings we've received over the years. My family is my main blessing. My friends are another. Having God in my life is the biggest blessing of all. But, do you know what was the first blessing that I noticed this morning? Blankets. It's not that it is specifically cold out today. It's only 39* F as I write. Chilly yes, but not unbearable. But still, my blanket was my first blessing of the day. It's what it represents to me -






We don't have an overwhelming homeless population in our metro area like some, though it does exist and to those individuals who are in that situation it must feel horribly overwhelming. We went through hard times when the economy took a rather unpleasant roller coaster ride, and we easily could have been in that situation had things been different. We did lose our home, but we gained another when we combined households with family. We could have easily gone off the rails. Instead, I was able to wake up this morning snuggled in my blanket with one of my pups. (My husband is an insanely early riser so he didn't get to be part of this particular moment of blessing!)

As I lay in bed this morning my thoughts weren't about having been blessed with material items or abundant bank accounts. It was that moment in time where the house was quiet, all were safe and healthy, and I knew where my family was that I felt blessed. Safe. Warm. Snuggled. Together.

It's not a fancy blessing, but it's one that I am cherishing every moment that I can.

So, grab a blanket and get snugly. Leave me a comment about the blessing today brought to your life (or even your favorite blanket!) Hop over to Garden of Learning to read some more posts on gratitude. It will definitely brighten your day as it has brightened mine. Starting your day with thankfulness is a wonderful thing.

"I will praise God's name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30 (NIV)


Brenda Emmett said...

What an awesome post! I love how you shared what a simple blanket represents to you. I have never thought about that before. And I can say that I would have to agree with what you said it represents. So true!

Thanks for participating in the challenge and making me smile!



Vickie said...

I agree with Brenda...such a simple blessing but it brings so much to life.

I too fell asleep thinking of my many blessings.

May God's Blessings continue to wrap you in His warmth.

Jodi said...

Great post Stephanie! I love the symbolism of the blanket. I felt all warm myself just reading it, and your positive outlook on all that you've been through. Thanks for stopping by Green Acres to comment!

Wonder Mom said...

Ya know, I believe you could write devotionals- very inspirational... :0)

Theresa @ Everyday Sacred said...

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I adore your blog design. So cute!!

I love snuggly warm blankets adn this is the perfect time of the year for cuddling under them.

Lorus! said...

I loved your post! When each of us married my mom crocheted us an afghan. Then as we had children, she and I have made each a quilt. I drive my husband nuts because I love to snuggle in a blanket even when it isn't cold.
Thanks for sharing!

hip-chick said...

the first part of the morning is always my favorite part of the day. But, I love my blankets at the end of the day. I just love snuggling into them.

Prairiemaid said...

We sleep under a quilt made by my great-aunt. Each time I wash it, I think, "I really need to pack this away." But I just can't. There is too much love tucked into the folds of that old quilt!

Neat post.

Thanks for coming by and commenting.


Wild Crickets said...

Wow - all I can say is thank you for all the comments, compliments, and stories. It was so much fun to see them, and it was definitely encouraging. I was a little nervous when posting about a "non-traditional" blessing. So glad that you enjoyed it. :)

Prairie Maid - I would love to have a quilt like that! Oh I bet it is just the best!

Hip-Chick - yep, the end of the day rocks in blankets. I'm a huge blanket fan. In bed, on the couch, late day, early day, any day...

Lorus - That is what I call a family tradition! I love the idea that you both made a quilt together!

Thanks for the compliment, Theresa! I love this design! I'm going to miss it when I go all "Christmas!"

Wonder Mom - Wow. Thank you. I feel completely blessed that you found this inspirational. Thank you for making my day!

Thank you, Jodi, Vickie, and Brenda. It definitely has an emotional meaning to me now. I'm hoping to carry that through each day so that I can always be thankful and appreciate how God has blessed us!

Praying that you each have a wonderful month filled with the Lord's blessings!