Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Tutorials... Originals that I love!

Happy Saturday!

I've been a bit behind in what I had hoped would be my first week of posting according to my schedule. And what happens when we have hopes that things will go a certain way? Say it with me.... you never know what you'll get instead! :) After a week of illness and the subsequent death of my grandfather the posting was a little off schedule. I could use some normalcy today, so on with the posting!

Saturdays will hopefully be a great day for a few projects. My plan is to share with you a project that I've been working on, a tutorial or two that inspire me, or even a tutorial of my own design. I had a great little last-minute Thanksgiving project in mind for you but with the week as it was I decided to edit and turn it into a Christmas item. Look for it in a few weeks!

Instead you'll find a list of some cute (and quirky!) tutorials perfect for someone on your list. OK, maybe not YOUR list, but they are definitely perfect for someone! Each one has a distinct personality of its own! I love these items and long for the day that I'll have the perfect person with which to share them. Until then I'll be hiding them away in my massive link collection.

Kicking off today's tutorial list is.... The Duct Tape Bullwhip! This tutorial has been around for a few years and it just rings originality to me! I'm waiting for a nephew or two to grow past the age of hurting themselves - or others - so that I can make this. (Or, maybe one of the grown kids will get it as a gag gift one of these days!) Doesn't every good adventurer need a bullwhip?

These CD Photo Cubes are just too cute. I love the idea of reusing all of the empty CD cases that live in my basement. I hesitated to include this because a certain sister and brother-in-law may just be getting a set for their mantel this Christmas. (I don't think she reads my blog so I may be safe!)

Every new mom gets the standard fare... diapers, bibs, clothes, pacifiers. I've always wanted to make a tooth fairy pocket doll for my friends! It never seems to be a gift that I time correctly. Kids are either too small or too big. But, what about tucking one away in a package to a new mom? It will be on hand when the kids are bigger, and I bet she definitely won't get duplicates of this gift! Try on a Robot or a Matyroshka on for size, or what about a matching Boy + Girl for twins!

Chocolate + Science = Scientific S'mores. This might be better posted on my homeschool days, but I think this is fantastic! The actual experiment is linked within the original post so you'll have to visit two, but it's worth it. How much fun would it be to open up a chocolate science experiment kit during the holiday season! Learn something AND munch some goodies! It's definitely another one of those original gifts!

So everyone has a bag of Altoid tins in their craft area just waiting for a project, right? It couldn't just be me. (Don't tell me if it is just me.) I've been looking for some great projects because I just knew that I'd need them one day. This is perfect!  I've also seen some fantastic examples of tins used for personal-sized sewing or first aid kits, storage of those little crafty bits like paper scraps and sewing needles, and everything in between. Go alter some tins and tell me how you used it!

#6 - 106
OK, so if bullwhips and tooth fairy pillows aren't your cup of tea see if you can find something over in this grab bag of the Top 100 Tutorials of 2009. I love this list. Organized by category it is a breeze to visit while you are planning those gift lists. Hopefully you'll find a few things to stir your creative side!



Stacie said...

Thanks for posting this!! I'm in need of some do-it-yourself gifts.

(I'm sorry to hear about your Grandfather. May God comfort you and your family.)

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Love the photo cube. I'll have to come back and look around when I have a bit more time. Thanks for sharing.

Wild Crickets said...

Thank you so much, Stacie. I really appreciate it! And I'm glad that I posted something fun for you both! I love the photo cubes too, De'Etta. I think that I might like some in various places around the house as well!